Online Coaching

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself with my ultimate coaching program?

I’m committed to offering you as personal of a service as I can, and I'm extremely confident you will be more than satisfied with what we accomplish together

Customized Workout Plan

I use my knowledge of fitness and years of experience to generate a program of the exact workouts for you to follow to reach your goals.

Customized Nutrition Plan

I will calculate your full, daily caloric and macronutrient break-down, tailored specifically to your fitness goals.

Online Check-ins

I give our community the option to have 24/7 access to be able to ask any questions they may have, report their progress, and work through any challenges.

Fitness Community

I am building a community of like-minded individuals who are willing to not only help each other, but ultimately grow together. I will have continuous content and advice throughout the entire process.


Some of the most frequently asked questions

Afri workout online coaching program is suitable for everyone who has the will and perseverance to achieve a set goal and is ready to put in the work to make it happen. Here are s few tips that might make you decide if this is the right program
  • Struggling to loose weight despite trying differrent approaches
  • You do not know the best exercises to achieve your desired body
  • You are struggling with eating clean food
  • You have no idea on what to do when you go to the gym
  • You have been consistent with gym but haven't achieved a significant improvement
  • You want to become stronger/fit/faster
  • You are a beginner with finess and could use some guidance.
  • You want to gain weight & muscle
  • You want to prepare for your first marathon
  • You are preparing for a tough hike
  • You lack sufficient knowledge of nutrition and training
  • You are having difficulty adopting a healthy lifestyle
If you recognize yourself in one of the above points, subscribing to Afri workout online coaching program is a good step to start with.
No, you do not need a gym membership/ subscription to participate in this program. However, based on your goals, the coach might recommend one for fast progress in achieving your desired goals.
I create a customized program that is personal to you and your schedule and therefore you will be able to follow irrespective of the nature of your work.
As soon as you have made your payment, you will receive an email with guidelines on what you need to do. This includes providing measurements and al requirements for the program.
That should not worry you at all, there is always a first time for everything. I will guide you on the training program including the exercises and how to perform them in good form.
I create a customized program that is personal to you and your health requirements. This information is gathered during the online intake interview and used as a baseline for your nutrition program.